what a waste of a fiery heart
Jake Zabini. 26. Blood Traitor.

In love with one Rose Weasley.

Begging You For Mercy || José


"Hey, hey. I love it. It’s really perfect.” It was true, as she looked down at her finger she saw something more. It was his promise to her, no matter what it cost. “I wouldn’t have cared if it was a string. It’s what’s behind it that matters. It’s the fact that you picked it ages ago, the fact you know what the bloody symbolism of a pearl is. Hell, I didn’t even know that and I know a lot. That means… That means the whole entire world to me.” It sounded cheesy and maybe it was, but the words were true and that was truly all that mattered. 

"You’re blinded by love, but that’s a conversation for another day." She poked him gently in the ribs. "Okay, we don’t even have to practice. I’ll tell dad about us and I’ll be locked up in a tower until you deem it fit for us to do the do.” A smirk played on her lips because she lived to torture him. “I would love to watch you squirm. You’d wank yourself raw in no time. That wouldn’t be any fun, would it?” She wiggled her bum to make a point before rolling off of his lap and pulling him down so they were laying face to face, better able to read each other’s expressions. Almost immediately she regretted her decision. His expression was something that turned her stomach.

A moment later she found out why. She was silent through his speech, holding back her disapproval. The first thing she did was shake her head very slowly, trying to clear her head a bit. “No, we aren’t going to do that.” She took a deep breath before launching into her rebuttal. “We’re not going to do that because we are going to show everyone that the Zabini name isn’t one to be spit on or feared anymore. Our children and our children’s children will all be Zabinis who change the world. Who make it a better place. One where Weasleys and Zabinis can coexist and even be married to each other without wanting to hide from who they are. Even if your dad’s name isn’t Blaise, you’re still a Zabini. I love you, and you need to learn to love yourself. You are not your name. You are Jake and sometimes I hate you but I’ve never disliked you because of what comes after Jacob. Never have I ever wanted — even considered not being a Zabini when we get married because that’s how we will change things. I’m going to hyphenate because despite belonging to you in a million ways I will still need to show my connection to the group that raised me.”

"Please don’t change yourself ever. I love you. I really, really do. Please understand that. Please understand that being a Weasley won’t make me love you more, nor will anyone else love you more.” She kissed his nose gently. “Do you get where I’m coming from?”

Jake nodded. He let out a shaky breath, one he hadn’t even realized he was holding. Meeting Rose had been like that. Nine years of forgetting how good oxygen felt and then he was breathing again. In, out. In, out. Always good to remind himself. Here he was, lying face to face with the most perfect woman he’d ever met. For all her protestations, she really was. All her flaws—her temper, her bullheadedness, all of them (and there were several, he wasn’t going to lie)—he loved them as much as the virtues. His gaze flicked across her face, taking in eyes, lips, hair, freckles; the parts that made the whole that was his Rose. 

“I love you,” he murmured, voice soft and more than a little shaky. He closed his eyes, resting his forehead against hers for support. In, out. In, out. He gently held his palms to the side of her face, drawing her closer to him. It was unreal, how much he needed her. Unreal, unhealthy, unheard of. Step one is admitting you have a problem, right? He was addicted to Rose Weasley. “And I don’t deserve you. I’m not nearly as lovable as you think,” he said, keeping his voice to a whisper to avoid cracking. His throat was tight and there was a pressure behind his cheekbones that he refused to give way to. This was supposed to be happy. They were engaged, they were supposed to celebrate and scream from the rooftops and shag. 

But everything was wrong. Well not everything. This, the two of them, was perfect. The rest of it was kind of shit. His work and her school. The secrets. Maybe the sneaking about was just wearing on him. It used to not bother him so much, but lately it had been grating on him. He resented it, necessary evil though it was. He wanted to tell everyone that he was in love with Rose Weasley and somehow she did the same. Enough to marry him. Even though it was probably going to make the list of the top five stupidest things she’d ever done. Even though he was going to be a shit husband and an even shitter dad.

Oh fuck, what had he done? His eyes flew open, panic evident in them. “I- I can’t, Ro-“ he broke off, distressed. “I can’t do it, I can’t.” How the fuck was he supposed to marry her? He didn’t know what a marriage even was, not really. He’d never seen anyone happy in one, that was for sure. He knew he loved her more than life itself, but marriage? Children? What had he been thinking, deluding himself into believing he could be that guy? The guy she thought he was. She saw him at his best, his most whole, but it felt like an act. Like it would never be true, no matter how hard either of them wanted it, how hard he tried to be a real person. He wasn’t real, people like him simply didn’t exist. The bastard son of a noble house who killed the matriarch after the father committed suicide, betraying what his family had stood for throught the centuries in the process? It was so tawdry. “I don’t think, not a good idea, I just-“

Begging You For Mercy || José


Her breath hitched when he kissed her, abruptly losing all sense of reality. It was like being thrown into cold water, the rush sending chills down her spine. When he pulled back she whimpered softly making to protest when he silenced her with another kiss. The loss of his presence was slightly disheartening. Why was he running off? Did he mean to scare the living shite out of her? He had kissed her, that meant he wanted this too, right? And he was the one who was more attached, that she was sure of. His heart burned a thousand times brighter than hers did but she finally understood the feeling of completeness her parents had. She understood what he felt when he looked at her like she was the chiaroscuro in his life. 

Her eyes lit up when he returned, not noticing the box until he had put it in front of her. That was the… He was… She couldn’t believe he had kept - bought a ring for her. He knew that she was the one, just like she knew he was the one. But he had known so much longer than she had. That made her slightly guilty. She knew in that moment that she had always known deep down they had a connection stronger than anything she had ever felt before. Who was lucky enough to find their soul mate so early on in life? What qualified her to be the person who got to anyway?

A small sob escaped her lips before she could stop it. They fit together so perfectly it was like they were meant to be from day one. “I wouldn’t want you to get on one knee, but could you put it on for me?” She glanced down at the pearl ring as another sob shook her small frame. “Why- why are you so perfect?” They would heal each other, put the pieces back together one by one. Together she knew she would learn to go a whole day without a glass of alcohol. She imagined how wonderful it would be to have children running around the house. To see Jake holding a baby in his arms, pushing a child on a swing, and making dinner with her. They had infinity yet she felt like they had no time at all, felt like every second was their last.

So she kissed him like it was their last second, her lips moving against his in an eager dance. “Forever.” She whispered. “I will love you forever. We will have grandkids and great-grandkids and.. I will love you until oblivion and beyond.”

Jake slid it onto her finger, his own hands shaking slightly. “Pearls, they represent overcoming adversity, did you know that? I’d always figured there would be rubies. Because you’re, well, you are rubies. You’re red in ways I’ll never be. You’re passion and fire and war. And I always thought it’d be expensive. Because you deserve the best, you really do. But I saw this in a second-hand shop and it’s not all that nice but it was perfect.” He was talking quickly, brain moving at a pace his mouth couldn’t keep up with. 

"You’re perfect," he replied, lips meeting hers halfway. He would never tire of the taste of her. Cigarettes and whiskey, a fiery mix that stayed on her lips long after she’d last smoked. Her body melted into his, the border between them blurring as they kissed. They were of one mind, the two of them, their identities so intrinsically linked that they couldn’t be definitively separate. There was a desperation to Rose’s kiss that he couldn’t place. He poured himself into the kiss, reassuring her that he was solid. Dependable. Even though he felt like he might float out of his body at any second.

He wrapped his arms around her waist, pulling back to eye her. “Slow down, Ro, we haven’t even gotten to the kids part yet.” He smiled, eyeing her playfully. “We have plenty of practicing to do before then.” His words trailed off as he got caught up in staring at her. As much as he joked, he was with her. He could see them at eighty, surrounded by their children and children’s children, red hair still running rampant, even so far removed from the Weasleys. 

The realization hit him like a truck—he didn’t want them to be related to the Weasleys, he wanted them to be Weasleys. To Jake, they were the family that represented everything right in the world. They weren’t perfect, as Rose so often reminded, but they loved each other to the ends of the earth. They’d been a force of good in the wizarding world for centuries. “I-” he started, unsure of how to put his jumbled thoughts into words. “I’m not a Zabini, not really. Not what the name stands for. I don’t want anything to do with it. I want,” he paused, glancing away, “I want you and me and our kids to be Weasleys. And maybe that’s presuming a bit much, seeing as we have to get through the male-relative killing-spree before we get there, but- But I don’t want to be a Zabini anymore.”

It was as close as he could get to the truth at the moment. He knew she knew and she knew he knew she knew and that would have to be enough.

Begging You For Mercy || José


The idea of a future together was intoxicating. Knowing that he would be there to argue with her and love her forever was something she couldn’t get out of her head. She knew that true love came once in a lifetime if you were lucky, and she also knew that somehow she had found it in one of the most unlikely places. Some people say when the time is right, you can feel it. Sitting there with him, tangled up in his limbs and talking to him about life… The time felt right. Even if it wasn’t the right time for him to tell her everything about his past, she knew the time was right for action.

With a truly lovestruck and dazed expression on her face she hardly gave a second thought to the words that came tumbling from her mouth. “Marry me,” she pressed her forehead against his intimately, wanting to always remember this moment - the only time Rose Weasley may ever do something spontaneous in her life. “I’m sorry - I don’t have a ring or anything. This wasn’t exactly planned. But I know it’s right. I can feel you in every part of me. This just makes it - makes it real.”

She fell silent, patiently waiting for him to respond because there was no way in hell she was taking anything back. They belonged together and of course he knew it. It was obvious to anyone who saw them together they were already one heart. Rose had picked up all of Jakes mannerisms unknowingly. The way he held his cigarette, the way he rubbed his neck when things were tense or he was anxious, the way he always blew on his tea before taking a sip - what’s his was hers. And Merlin she had never been so sure of anything in her life. Even certainties tended to be uncertain when Rose thought about them for too long, yet here she was, making a leap that would change her life and she just closed her eyes and made it without second guessing herself.

“I’ve imagined this so many different ways. At the top of the Eiffel Tower, in my gran’s garden, in Italy… None of them involved me asking. But I am the bossy one, right? And we can do things un conventionally because it’s the 21st century, right? And I know you would do it eventually I just can’t wait any longer to say I’m the future Mrs. Rose Weasley-Zabini. You expected me to hyphenate, yeah? I always thought I would hyphenate. If not that’s fine I mean it’s not a deciding factor - am I talking too much? You should kiss me or something right?”

Jake waited for her to finish speaking before kissing her. It was fiery and hot and his hands were everywhere, trying to cover the maximum surface area of her skin before either of them had to breathe. All too soon, he pulled back. “Wait right here.” He was breathless and excited, eyes too-bright with the thrill. He kissed her once more, a peck that lasted only a blink’s worth of time, before turning on his heel and running into the living room. He tore open the drawers of his desk in his hurry, tossing papers aside. He’d have to clean them up later, but in this moment, he couldn’t bring himself to care. 

"Aha!" he said under his breath, hand closing on the crushed velvet box that had been wedged at the back of his drawer for over a year. He returned to his bedroom, still out of breath. "I’ve had this for- I’m not even sure how long. I bought it before we broke up the first time. Still not sure how I didn’t throw it in the harbor, to be honest. I must have known, somewhere deep down. I’ve always known. Always," he paused, stroking her cheek gently. "This has always been yours." He handed it to her, watching her carefully as she opened it.

"I’m not going to get on a knee, I’m not going to treat you as anything less than what you are. You’re more than my equal, you’re my better. You’re my everything. You’re my north star," he said, small smile quirking his lips. "You keep me on course more than any compass ever could. You’re everything I want in life. I want you as my partner, by my side every day, in every thing." He kissed her, gentle and sweet and with the full force of his love behind it. "I love you, so much. So much that someday, someday you’ll heal me enough to learn everything. Someday you’ll have made me so whole that I’ll have a few pieces to spare."

jake+rose • begging you for mercy


"That we are. Please don’t mention Shakespeare. I cannot deal with Romeo and Juliet on a good day. Though it’s turning into a good day.” She nuzzled against his neck. “Sometimes I wonder what we’ve done to deserve such a profound love story. Some nights I wake up in a cold sweat and think for a moment I dreamed the whole thing. I never thought I would love somebody as much as my dad loves my mom and vice versa. My parents… The way they look at each other.. It’s the way you look at me.” She pulled back gently so she could see his face. The face she missed so much when they were apart. Her fingers reached out to trace the lines of his cheeks and jaw, savoring the peace they had created.

A single tear slid down her cheek. It wasn’t born of sadness or worry, it was the overwhelming happiness she felt in that moment. Her emotions were like a tidal wave, flooding all logical parts of her brain. All she could think about was her heart hammering in her chest as she realized that she could never, ever live without the man in front of her. He was her anchor, the one who stopped her ego from inflating when she did something remarkable. The one who would always be there to hold her when she cried. They were so tangled together it was like they were one soul, one heart beating a frantic rhythm. “Jake I-” She took a deep breath, waiting for her composure to return to her. “I love you so much.” And she meant it. More than she ever had before.

How was she supposed to hide this? A whole year would have to pass before she was legal. And her parents wouldn’t approve of her dating an older man- one that she was so serious with. She felt like she would burst if she wasn’t able to scream it from the rooftops. “Maybe you’ll be less bored when I’m there. I’m sure we can make things interesting.” They would be like bunnies if they were together ever day. Rose hoped to Merlin they didn’t have any accidents. That would make her father’s head spin. “He’ll have to get used to you.” She waved a dismissive hand.

“Do you want to talk about Blaise? And your mum? And Lily and all of it? I know you haven’t told me everything, and - well - you’re… Mine. And I don’t plan on giving you up anytime soon so we should be able to tell each other anything. Like say if I wasn’t a legitimate child I could tell you.” A raised eyebrow punctuated her statement. “We don’t have to have secrets from each other. Couples don’t keep things bottled up and tucked away. They share things and try to disperse the pain because what’s mine is yours and what’s yours is mine. Your pain and suffering is mine because I love Lily too. I didn’t even know Lily and I love her. And I hate your mum.” She pulled his forehead to her lips, kissing him gently before peppering them all over his face. “Nothing you can say will make me think any less of you.” Her feelings were far too strong for that.

"Don’t you worry, Weasley, we are much, much smarter than them." He kissed her slowly and sweetly, savoring it. He flicked his eyes open as she pulled back, his gaze searching hers. The corners of his mouth ticked upwards at her speech, pulling apart to reveal a somewhat dazed grin. This was the side of Rose that was only his—the soft, sappy, defenseless part of her that no one else was privileged enough to get to see. “I’ll never stop looking at you like this. Even when we’re old and wrinkly and I’ve forgotten my name, I’ll remember that I love you,” he said, brushing the tear away with his thumb. He trailed his hand from her cheek to the nape of her neck, cradling the back of her head firmly. 

Jake closed his eyes gently, letting her words wash over him. They were warm and gentle, more luxurious than the softest of furs. As sure as he was that she loved him, sure of his feelings and hers, sure that no matter what, they would have each other… as sure as he was of all of that, he never got tired of hearing it from her. He could replay each of their interactions a thousand times in his mind but it was a pale substitute for the real thing. “I love you too,” he managed, words catching in the back of his throat. There were a thousand things running through his head and he hoped they were all conveyed in those four syllables.

A small smile cleared his head enough for Jake to form coherent thoughts once more. “No, no, we would definitely not be bored. And if we were, we could just go somewhere else and get all interested again,” he said, smile slowly growing into a grin. The thought of them, together, for longer than a few days thrilled him. The fact that they hadn’t actually spent that much time together, that their time together could be measured in weeks and not in years, it pissed him off. They deserved to have months together, years without interruptions.

Jake sighed, releasing the back of her neck to scratch at the hairs on his. He ducked his gaze, avoiding the eyes he had craved only minutes before. “I-“ he tried to speak, voice coming out a choked whisper. “I can’t, Ro, I can’t go there because if I do, I won’t be able to come back. The wall between those memories and everything new is the only thing that keeps me sane. He faced her again, a smirk on his face. “And there is no way you’re not related to Ron Weasley with that hair,” he said, tugging on a chunk of hair that framed her face. 

jake+rose • begging you for mercy


"Love just makes us sound like we’re from some sort of shitty muggle romance novel." A gentle sigh escaped her before she recovered herself, putting all thoughts of her exhaustion aside so she could focus on them- their moment. The little bubble around them filled with all of the energy and love they shared. The more she relaxed the more she was able to soak it all in and enjoy it. "You shush. I was not smiling." Even as she said it the cruel muscles in her face betrayed her. She shook herself and focused once again on him, memorizing his muscles against hers. What she needed was a fight, she needed him to yell at her and tell her she needed to work harder. She needed him to rouse the passion in her to get her to feel again. But she didn’t have the energy to provoke him.

"Mmm, how’s that going then? Everything alright? The baddies running away at your scent? Making everyone cower in fear?" She giggled at that, unsure of why it was so funny. Of course she could picture Jake doing his work, being a good Auror and all, the idea was still comical. The soft Jake that would whisper sweet nothings in her ear all night was in stark contrast to the trained and disciplined Auror he was sure to be on the field. Rose loved like she fought- boldly and bravely without any regret. Jake’s personality was more detached, less of the emotional being than Rose. It wasn’t a bad thing- truly it was what balanced them, made them compatible. He would make a great Hit Wizard, she thought dully. 

"You are human, mon amor. That is why you need to keep yourself from running into the ground. Even I know when to stop. I take breaks, you seem like you’re on some sort of suicide mission.” His lips shut her up, which caused her to lose all coherent thought; which made her angry. “I love you, that’s why I want to see you alive. Don’t you understand? Cracking jokes aside- you worry me.” It was the sincerity in her voice that she hoped he picked up on. This wasn’t child’s play, this was his life. And sometimes she harbored the suspicion that he really didn’t give a damn about what he did with it. 

"Exams are complete shite, but I’m doing fine I guess. There hasn’t been a question that really threw me into a panic attack. ‘cept of course Runes which is just the bloody shittiest subject to ever grace Wizardkind. What’s the point of Runes anyway? I don’t want to be a Curse Breaker. I don’t want to be the fucking professor of Runes. Magic is written in fucking Latin, what the bloody hell is the point of even knowing Runes? I digress. How’s my dad? Do you see him often? I do worry about him. He works too hard and never get’s enough sleep. It must be the profession. And Uncle Harry, have you seen him lately?" She took a breath and ran her hand down his back. "I’m sorry, we should be focusing on us-"

"Haven’t you noticed?" Jake mumbled, his lips clumsy against her cheek. "We sort of are in a shitty romance novel.” The words, however much Rose might dislike them, had a shred of truth hidden within. Their romance felt unreal at times, like it didn’t quite belong to them. The too-intense forbidden love, opposing families, the princess falling for the older rogue—it reeked of something that had been written about since the beginning of time. It was cliché in the best possible way, the way that was only cliché because it held such truth. 

A grimace crossed his lips at the mention of work, a subconscious reaction to the stress it had been causing him recently. Jake didn’t want to let on to Rose—he wasn’t sure he could name all the emotions swirling in the pit of his stomach, much less explain them in a way that didn’t put her off. He didn’t love his work like she did; she wouldn’t understand his lack of passion. Work, making the world a better place, and all those other noble-minded thoughts, those were what drove Rose. They were what fed her, what lit her up, what kept her going when things were less than savory. She was such a Gryffindor it was almost funny. He wasn’t like that. He was driven by people. He was wired to protect himself and those he loved above all other considerations. He was selfish. Not that he was opposed to helping other people—after all, he chose the Aurors over a desk job (though, admittedly, partly for the adrenaline rush)—he just wasn’t motivated by that above all else. She was. She wouldn’t, couldn’t understand because of the very makeup of her being. 

Jake enjoyed his work. He really did. But he couldn’t help but notice that it was just a distraction, a way to pass the hours, days, weeks until he could see Rose. It was unhealthy and obsessive but he didn’t have a life outside of it. He didn’t have old friends—he had Rose and he had his mates from work. Not to mention that every time he saw either of his bosses, he was reminded of his chat with Albus and the fact that his days were numbered. Perhaps not literally, but figuratively. That their happiness—though increasingly weighed down by the secrets involved—was soon to involve several more people. Several dozen more people. ”I’m just bored,” he murmured, though he knew it wouldn’t placate her. “Work’s not boring.”

He was fucking pathetic.

"Your dad seems fine. So does your uncle. They don’t bother much with me—I’m too low-ranked. I think your dad acknowledged my existence in the lift this week, though, so that’s something. He’s never been particularly fond of me, seeing as when I joined up I was a bit of an arrogant toerag with a penchant for mouthing off. I’ve improved oh so much since then,” he joked, the smile reaching his eyes. “Not to mention the fact that I’m— named Zabini.” He’d almost slipped and said “I’m a Zabini” but that wasn’t the truth, was it? He wasn’t, not really. He didn’t deserve the name, deserve any association with that family. He wasn’t sure if it was because he was better than it or worse. Or maybe it was both. 

"Don’t worry about it, Ro, I love listening to you," he murmured, eyes fluttering shut. It was inane and boring, but it was heavenly.

headcanon • 02

Jake embraces muggle life wholeheartedly. He loves his flat and his films and his boat and the general experience that is muggle London. To him, it’s freedom, a rejection of the life he knew as a child. Contrary to the core, he spites his upbringing in the pureblood elite daily through his lifestyle.

However, no matter how long he lives in the muggle world, driving a car absolutely terrifies him and he never will.  


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"Cats’ rejection is too much for my delicate ego. I prefer the unconditional hero-worship of my dog."

albus&jake||macho talk


"Erm- well, good. I guess. Rosie… Rosie means everything to me. To us, the family I mean. She’s basically the epitome of Weasley. Everyone loves Rosie ‘cept Victoire, but she doesn’t like anyone really. ‘Cept me." He found himself observing the other man closely. Zabini was totally the guy Rose would fall for, handsome and cocky. Reminded him a bit of Scorpius, but a better version. Jake was so blindingly in love with Rose that nothing would change that. He ran his hand through his hair and pulled on the ends slightly, what now?

"Well I can give you a bunch of tips and tricks. Uncle Ron will do anything for food. Casually bring lunch to his office once a week. Gradually up the ante and bring him sweets with lunch. He’ll eat anything, I’m not even kidding. I’ve seen him down haggis after he just threw up. The man is like a human vacuum. My dad’s just about as protective of Rosie as her own father is. He takes his godfather role very seriously. Dad isn’t as easy to butter up. He doesn’t like compliments but he does secretly enjoy really good liquor. The darker the better. You have to kiss ass, which might be uncomfortable for you and your Slytherin nature but you have to do it.”

"As for the rest of my family… There isn’t a good way to handle all of them at once. It’s kind of like the first time you jump into a pool or lake in the summer, you just have to get it over with. Aunt Hermione won’t be bad, but I’m sure.. Other people will be. Ron will still be pissed but the bomb will have less of a radius if you kiss his ass. Anyway, you shouldn’t be worried. Rose will always find a way to have her cake and eat it too. You have to remember who she is at all times, though. She is special, the daughter of two of the most celebrated wizards of all time. She’s like royalty, but doesn’t act like it. She abhors the idea, but she should be treated as such." 

He sighed and finally took a seat across from Jake. “Tell me about yourself, mate. I’d like to know more about you, so I can make some judgments on how my family will be most like to kill you.”

Jake sighed. “I treat Rose as well as she lets me,” he said, fighting to keep an edge out of his voice. He knew, he really did know, that Albus was doing this for the right reasons. Which was why he didn’t respond sarcastically, or curse, or even roll his eyes after listening to a bleeding ten minute long lecture about how special Rose was. 

Sometimes he thought he knew Rose better than anyone. Yes, Albus had known her her entire life, but Jake understood her in ways he wasn’t sure anyone else did. He understood her desire to be taken on her own terms, to be her own person above anything else. It had been part of the reason behind his years of drunken debauchery. Drunk, Blaise may have been, but he had been proper to his last. If what he’d heard was true, Albus had never shied away from the public’s attention.

Tell me about yourself.

What a fucking loaded question. He could go for the shock factor, something he was prone to doing. It was selfish, he knew, his need to control a conversation. Call it his Slytherin pride, but he had always hated situations where he didn’t have a handle on the mood. He could control how it flowed with practiced ease—some called it manipulative, he called it self-preservation. Times where he wasn’t in control rarely ended well. 

But he wasn’t sure Albus deserved it. It was a cruel tactic, reserved for when Jake felt his control was threatened. He wasn’t there yet, and to dump that on him was unnecessarily stressful for both of them. So he decided to go with half of the story—lying wouldn’t get him anywhere and neither would only including the bland parts. Albus wouldn’t believe Rose was attracted to someone so boring. So Albus would get the more tasteful parts—no mention of murder or backs turned to flesh. 

"My parents’ marriage was a mess. I knew, from the time I was six or so, that Blaise Zabini wasn’t my father. Being of a different race than him and all. My sister Lily was the most important person in my life. She was a squib, died when I was fifteen, nine months after Blaise committed suicide. I was a mess for a long time after she died, didn’t know what to do with myself. Mum died a few months later. I joined up because I was bored. I’d lived in Monaco for three years and got tired of doing nothing. The Aurors… they catch the bad guys. Seemed like a good way to spend my days. I met Rose through work. She…" he trailed off, smile soft on his lips. Everything that was true, that he felt, sounded cliche. Not to mention that it was extremely personal, something he only felt comfortable sharing with Rose. "She’s everything."


Dodie Smith, I Capture the Castle


Dodie Smith, I Capture the Castle